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Follow local users & be sure to add your favorite locations, so you don’t miss new posts and reviews.


Find the locations you are looking for with our easy to use interface. Get important information such as Address and Phone number.


Leave a review and receive gifts for sharing your thoughts. Everyone’s opinion matters.


Whats MyArea ?

MyArea is the best platform for users to find nearby places, share experiences, and meet new friends based on common interests.

With MyArea you can always be informed of events taking place near you, and with future updates to come, MyArea will be your guide.

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Become an influencer.

With MyArea, your opinion and views really matter, users like to have a second or third opinion on places they want to visit, and with an honest review from you, its easier to make that decision. Upload a short clip or Image showing your experience, good or bad! “Who mixes the best martini’s at your favorite Bar“?

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    Travel to different cities, post reviews and allow others to enjoy your experiences with you.

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    Become friends with new users that you follow. And stay connected through our live chat.

  • Gifter

    Best way to show someone you truly appreciate their opinion is by gifting them, Don’t give just a thumbs up. In MyArea, you can be stand out by giving great gift to other users that share’s their experience. Climb the leaderboard as the number one viewer/gifter. And Earn badges and gifts of your own.


Earn Cash Today!

Why not earn cash for your great content? With MyArea, you can earn cash by creating great quality reviews or Live streaming.
Sharing your experience for other users to see or simply going live streaming allows you to earn cash.

  • When you create a review or “go live” users are able to gift you, these gifts are animations that can be sent by a viewer when they purchase a small amount of gold from the MyArea coin store.


  • After you have accumulated a certain amount of gifts, you are now able to cash out and ready to receive your direct deposit.


  • Make sure to fill out your banking information and that everything has been verified.


  • Hit the cash out on the app, and wait for your deposit, its that easy.



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